launches new online poker application

 Good news for poker players, has partnered with On game Network Limited and now offers players the chance to play real-money poker on Android devices.

Players with iPhones already had the chance to play on the bwin poker portal from January. Ongame announced that the poker app that allows players with Android devices to play is free of charge and it’s based on the interface that was also used for the iPhone version in January.

Berthold Kao, Mobile Product Manager for Bwin.Party says they were already planning to make the client compatible with Android devices after the iPhone version was released about half a year ago.

Kao said that the iPhone app, that allowed players to play with real-money, has already shown to be very successful and the Android version is expected to do as well. He also mentions that, in order to have an appealing mobile app, you have to reinvent the entire poker experience and that it’s not just about format and compatibility.

Google’s Android is the most popular mobile platform in Europe and it is still growing rapidly. It is expected that Android will remain its popularity and On game and bwin have great expectations from the new app for the Android platform.

David Pittel, Managing Director for On game, says that having a mobile app is not just something that is nice. Because of the huge growth of smartphones it’s almost a necessity in today’s market.

He adds that poker players are usually people who embrace technology and that they are the perfect audience for testing the new Android app. Poker players usually enjoy playing poker on all available platforms and it’s no longer the question if they own a smartphone; the real question is if they have an Android or iOS smartphone. All operators within bwin’s network are certainly very interested in the developments.